The Police Chief shall designate from time to time reserved parking spaces in the city to be located in publicly owned parking lots, and on public streets where there is provided on-street parking, so as to accommodate handicapped persons as defined in KRS 189.456.

Handicapped persons who have obtained a special parking permit from the Campbell County Clerk, according to KRS 189.456, shall make application with the Police Chief for a reserved parking space.  If the Police Chief finds that the person making the application has obtained the required permit from the Campbell County Clerk, and that local ordinances or state statutes do not prohibit parking on the street, he shall designate a reserved parking space in the front, rear, or side of the residence of the handicapped person, if there is no off-street parking accommodating such residence.

The handicapped person shall be subject to all other local ordinances and state statutes governing the parking of vehicles on the street where the reserved space has been designated and shall be subject to the provisions of KRS 189.456 and 186.042.

All other persons who occupy the reserved parking space shall be subject to the penal provisions of KRS 189.456 and 189.990 (1).

Please fill out the form below. Your request will be submitted to the Chief of Police Bill Birkenhauer and processed accordingly.


Application for Handicaped Parking Space

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    If not, a statement of approval from the owner if required.