What is the Kentucky Open Records Act (KORA)
The Kentucky Open Records Act (KRS 61.870 to KRS 61.884), or KORA, provides
access to public records that, by law, are not exempt from disclosure. For more
information on the act, visit the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General Web site at

What are public records?
Public records are those materials prepared, owned, used, possessed, maintained or
retained by state and local government agencies that must be open for public inspection
unless the records are excluded by any of the 14 exemptions in the Kentucky Open
Records Act. Public agencies are not required to compile information or to answer
questions, but to provide only specific records responsive to a request. For more
information on the14 exemptions and other KORA information, visit the Kentucky Office
of the Attorney General Web site at http://ag.ky.gov/opengov.htm.

Is there a cost for records?
The Highland Heights Police may charge .05 cents per released page. There also are
charges for photos, compact discs, videotapes and diskettes, if involved, at $5 each. The
clerk will send an invoice with the report stating how much requester owes for records.

What is the time frame for a response to my request?
State law requires a written response to an open records request be issued within three
days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays). The three-day time frame begins
the day after receipt of the request. For more information, go to
http://ag.ky.gov/opengov.htm and click on “Protecting Your Right to Know.”

How do I request a public record?
To request copies of or inspect public records, you must make a written request to the
Official Custodian of Records. Sign the request, print your name, and describe the
records (be specific, i.e. name, date, location) you wish to inspect or obtain copies of.
Please include your address and phone number. Mail, fax or hand deliver your request to
the Highland Heights Police Department, Official Custodian of Records, at the following

Highland Heights PD
176 Johns Hill Road
Highland Heights, Kentucky 41076
Attn: Open Records

The fax number is 859-441-8963.
Send to the attention of Records Clerk. If you have questions, call 859-441-8956.