6 tips to keep your home safe when you’re out on vacation

Vacation and summer months provide the perfect opportunities for thieves.

Police and security experts say preventing your home from getting robbed when you go out on vacation is key, and technology is making it easier and cheaper than ever before.

According to the FBI’s 2017 crime report, Ohio ranks seventh in the union with the lowest burglary arrest rates.

Just 7% of burglars face justice for breaking in. Often, property crimes are some of the most difficult for detectives to solve. People rarely witness their crimes, and burglars know how to spot an easy target.

But you can outwit burglars’ break-in secrets:

  • Download a neighborhood safety app — like Neighbors by Ring — so you can stay in touch with what’s happening around your home.
  • Consider investing in a home security system. If that is too expensive for you, get a home security camera. You can buy one for as little as $15 on Amazon.
  • If you’re leaving your home for sometime, ask a friend to check it out every few days.
  • Have your post office hold your mail — don’t give advertisement of your absence to thieves – and don’t show off your vacation on social media until you’re back.
  • Lock all doors and windows from inside your home.
  • Hide expensive items, and don’t leave “revealing trash” by the curb – like TV or gaming console boxes. Don’t let burglars know they should target you.

Finally, call your police department and ask if they can check out your home while you’re away. Many officers can do a walk around to spot any signs of a break-in.

If your home does get broken into, it’s crucial you file a police report right away to track what was stolen or damaged; that’s why having a security camera can be so helpful since it may capture footage of the break-in.

A police report will help increase the chances of recovering your stolen items and catching the thief.

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