An 8-year-old boy who is charged with bringing a loaded gun to school two weeks ago sat before a Hamilton County Juvenile Court judge Wednesday.

The boy faces serious charges of receiving stolen property and carrying a concealed weapon.

Police say the boy brought a loaded gun to Cheviot School on May 15. He sat in court, twiddling his fingers with his feet barely touching the floor, waiting to hear what would happen next.

Judge Melissa Powers called for a psychological evaluation.

“This is basically to make sure that he understands the role of the judge, the role of the prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, the entire process of the trial,” Powers said.

She also ordered the boy be placed under house arrest pending further court proceedings. Then the judge turned to the boy’s mother.

“You will have the obligation of making sure that he is supervised by you, so that there’s no further trouble or incidents, that he is safe and others in the community are safe. It’ll be your responsibility,” Powers said.

The psychological evaluation is set to take place in the next couple of weeks. The boy’s next court appearance is set for June 24.

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