After months of closures, Cincinnati’s iconic Roebling Bridge has reopened.

The John A. Roebling Bridge reopened around 10:30 a.m. Friday, allowing use by both vehicles and pedestrians.

The iconic bridge was closed in April after chunks of rock the size of a softballs came crashing down onto the road deck from the north tower.

Crews had hoped to finish the repairs by the end of July but because every detail of the fix requires custom engineering, the job took longer than expected.

“If they can get everything into place and rigging up, that’s the biggest thing, but they’re still finding those challenges along the way,” said Kentucky Transportation spokeswoman Nancy Wood.

Crews found about 200 pounds of loose rock that could have fallen from the bridge. It was chipped off by workers who will attach a specially-made net to the bridge to catch any other loose pieces.

A giant net is now wrapped under the north tower, giving it a look that many are struggling to describe.

“A saggy diaper,” said one bridge visitor.

“It looks like a pair of granny panties,” said another.

The beauty of the new addition is in the engineering. It makes the bridge safe to reopen and doesn’t damage the historic structure.

“This is just a temporary measure that is kind of an emergency fix,” said Wood.

The netting will be taken down next spring when permanent renovations are scheduled for the bridge, according to Wood.

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