Nothing tastes better in warm weather than a big scoop of ice cream or a giant sno-cone.


At Schneider’s Sweet Shop in Bellevue, they often serve both in one cup.

The shop has been around for nearly 80 years, and many customers have been indulging in the ice cream ice ball all of their lives.


Anyone who walks in the shop will tell you it’s one of their all-time favorite treats and its return each year symbolizes the coming of summer.

You can pick any of their homemade ice cream flavors to tuck between two layers of snow. It is then doused with the syrup of your choosing.

My personal favorite: peach ice cream with peach syrup (note: peach is seasonal, so it may not be available yet!).

Of course, you can also get the ice balls and ice cream served separately, but I highly recommend the combo.

The shop is also well-known for its decadent chocolates, including the fan-favorite: opera creams.

Schneider’s is located at 420 Fairfield Ave. For hours, call 859-431-3545.

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