The Kentucky man accused of shooting at two police officers and later trying to ram a police cruiser is now in jail, being held on a $2,000,000 cash only bond.

Jacob Julick, who is already a convicted felon, is facing a list of new felony charges after police said he shot at officers following a traffic stop early June then evaded police for weeks.

Several people are charged with hindering prosecution for helping Julick stay under the radar.

“I don’t know the exact number. I believe we’re up in the double digits right now,” Erlanger police Detective Kyle Thornberry said. “I would anticipate people are still going to be charged once we’re able to sit down, look at everything and figure out who was lying to us, who was telling the truth.”

Police said the secrets, lies and attempts to hide Julick started just minutes after the traffic stop that triggered a weeks-long manhunt. That is when police said Julick shot at Lakeside Park police officers after a traffic stop. Julick was the passenger.

Kenton County court records said Aaron Peeno was the driver and told investigators the man who shot at police and ran into the woods was named Jordan Kable, who went by “Jay.” Peeno allegedly said “Jay” was his son’s friend and he did not know him well.

Eventually, he gave police Julick’s real identity and told police Julick was his “best friend in this entire world,” according to court documents Julick already had a five hour head start.

Also charged with helping Julick evade police are Krista Cortez and John Linville. Police said more people are charged by several different police agencies but a list of names has not yet been made available.

Police tell WLWT some people are accused of lying to U.S. Marshals, a federal crime with a much stiffer sentence.

Cortez is accused of harboring Julick and lying to police about his whereabouts.

The day after the shots fired incident, Covington police surrounded a home on Holman Avenue where Cortez lives. Police said Cortez told police she had not seen or talked to Julick, but he was currently in her apartment and slipping through an opening in the drywall to hide in a different part of the building. Court records said he returned to her apartment after police left until Cortez had to leave for work later that day.

Julick could appear in court as early as Thursday.

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