Cincinnati Zoo celebrate First Responders Week

Cincinnati Zoo celebrate First Responders Week

CINCINNATI (WXIX) -Honoring those who protect our community, the Cincinnati Zoo is offering free admission to frontline workers and military during First Responders Week.

Free admission for fire, police, safety personnel and active and retired military started Sept. 11 and it will be available for first responders through September 17.

“We have those folks out here a lot, I mean many times we have to make EMT calls. Thankfully it’s usually to somebody who sprained their ankle or maybe had dehydration and passed out, but those folks come out here always with a smile and always willing to step in where it needs to be to take care of things, so a little bit of thank you goes a long way,” Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard said.

According to Maynard one part of First Responders Week that draws large crowds is the presence of Cincinnati Firefighters hosing down zoo elephants.

In addition to free admission provided for first responders, anyone who is a frontline worker, part of the military or retired from the military can buy tickets half off for up to six family members this week.

“Because we are the biggest draw in the city and the biggest in the county…we have nearly 2 million visitors, first responders are out here a lot. Every single day our first responders step up to help keep us safe and our community safe,” Maynard said.

Those qualifying to receive free admission to the Cincinnati Zoo this week include firefighters, EMTs, uniformed police officers, state troopers, border patrol agents, investigators, evidence technicians, firearms examiners, intelligence analysts, investigative assistants, and current and retired members of the military.

First responders and military or retired military members cannot purchase or reserve their tickets online. They must be picked up at the zoo.

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