The Newport Police Department is warning residents after multiple reports of scammers posing as police officers in the area.

Police said they have been made aware of several attempted “scam” style calls.

Residents said the scammers called from an unknown number and when they sent the callers to voicemail, they left a message saying, “This is Detective McCarthy of the Newport Police Department; I have an urgent message for you and need you to call me back immediately. Please call (859)695-0428 extension 10.”

One of the residents called the number and said it appeared real, police said.

Newport police investigated the complaints and have found that a “phone scam” is going around. Police said the scammer calls from a different number than the number they request to be called back on. When the residents return the call, they are met with an automated voice system that announces you have reached the Newport Police Department and our street address.

Police said the automated prompt then asks to select whatever service needed. After making the selection, it asks residents to state their name, then the system states it is connecting to “someone”. After a few minutes of waiting, residents are told to leave a message for the officer.

The Newport Police Department does not call wanted persons and request phone payment on warrants, summons service, or any time of “bond or fine” payment request, police said. If anyone receives a call like this, do not provide any personal information and hang up immediately, police said.

Anyone experiencing scammer calls is asked to contact police at 859-292-3622.


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